Chasing Oathgold II

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Chasing Oathgold

Tier 2 Order Epic Quest
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Olfrinson's Outpost
Start Dainna Fornbili
End Dainna Fornbili

Quest Chain

Dainna Fornbili

Durgan Grimminsson

Grale Ironfist

Dormir Karakshot

Chiri's Chest

Oathgold Pick

Chiri Smalldeep

Vandra Sweetrune

Dark Creature's Victim

Vandra Sweetrune

Ralla Widmer


Chasing Oathgold II map
(click to enlarge)

After years of dredgin' up what we could from the wretched slime we've finally rediscovered the legendary mine. Of course, no blessin' that great is ever without trouble, an' the place is filled with vermin and worse. We thought we had it under control, so we sent in some engineers t' test for purity an' uncover new Oathgold deposits, but somethin' big came outta the depths an' attacked the surveyors.

Some of 'em made it out alive, but their samples an' tools got left behind. We need those samples for the next time we make a go at it. I know this is a lot t' ask considerin' what I just told you, but we need someone to go down there and recover their stuff. I think you're just bold enough to do it.

- Dainna Fornbili

Summary Edit

Recover the Engineer's Kits left behind in the Oathgold Burrow, then return to Dainna Fornbili at Olfrinson's Outpost.

Objectives Edit

  • Engineer's Kit 0/3

In Progress Edit

The vermin are bad enough, but who knows what's in the depths.

- Dainna Fornbili

On Completion Edit

You made it back? That's a relief. These kits will be a great help in getting' back to work, an' the samples aren't anything t' sneeze at either. But first we've got t' get them to someone who can analyze them.

- Dainna Fornbili

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1234

External Links Edit

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