Chasing Oathgold I

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Chasing Oathgold

Tier 2 Order Epic Quest
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Olfrinson's Outpost
Start Dainna Fornbili
End Dainna Fornbili

Quest Chain

Dainna Fornbili

Durgan Grimminsson

Grale Ironfist

Dormir Karakshot

Chiri's Chest

Oathgold Pick

Chiri Smalldeep

Vandra Sweetrune

Dark Creature's Victim

Vandra Sweetrune

Ralla Widmer


Chasing Oathgold I map
(click to enlarge)

You're likely here about the Oathgold, eh? Rumors of the new find have brought many a dwarf down here to the marsh.

Well, the rumors are true. We've rediscovered a mine, and you wouldn't believe how we did it.

A dwarf patrol was walkin' the path, and noticed some of the foul undead we're always findin' in these marshes. They decided t' split some heads, an' out came Oathgold! It looks like the fallen manling kingdom here thought Oathgold was just shiny an' pretty. Ha! Imagine! So when they buried their dead, they put bits of Oathgold in their eyes and mouth. Well, a bunch of those dead are now up and walkin'. Looks like the manlings buried some of their dead right next t' the old mine, so they'd have access to the Oathgold.

There are still zombies out there, heads rattlin' with precious metal. Do your duty: split some heads an' find some Oathgold.

- Dainna Fornbili

Summary Edit

Kill undead near the Foul Ruins, then return to Dainna Fornbili at Olfrinson's Outpost.

Objectives Edit

  • Burial Oathgold 0/10

In Progress Edit

When I think of all those filthy zombies shamblin' about with their heads full of Oathgold I want to head out there and smash some heads m'self.

- Dainna Fornbili

On Completion Edit

That's a good handful you've got there, {name}. These marshes are the only places we've ever found the stuff, so every little piece is precious. It'll be much better once we get hold of the mine.

- Dainna Fornbili

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1371

External Links Edit

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