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Char Troll

Tier 3 Order PvE Quest
Zone The Badlands
Subzone Spitbore
Start Gora Lightmane
End Gora Lightmane

Quest Chain

Gora Lightmane


Char Troll I map
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What with the chuffin' greenskins everywhere, ol' Dundin and I got t' thinkin' we might need somethin' new to keep 'em back while we're searchin' for that brightstone of Fireforge's.

Here's a potion that'll put fire in your fightin'! At least I'm thinkin' it will, since I've not 'ad a chance t' try it out. Seein' as I'm stuck 'ere waitin' for the rest o' the lads, maybe you'd be interested in givin' it a go? Dundin was callin' it Trollburner, but I'm callin' it a good time!

Aye, it'll go on any weapon you might be carryin'. This little potion makes it so that flames shoot out o' the firin' end! A mixture of flint dust, mine wax, and a cup of char, if you c'n believe it.

Once that fiery mass o' goo hits something, it can't be put out. So best be careful what you're aimin' at or you'll be less some eyebrows!

- Gora Lightmane

Summary Edit

Use the Trollburner Ointment in your inventory to coat your weapons. After you have done so, kill any of the Trolls you might encounter around the area.

Return to Gora Lightmane at her small post south of the Trolls when done.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

You're out of Trollburner Ointment, eh? Well it don't grow on trees!

If you want t' fight greenskins you'll have to make every blow count! And that's where Trollburner can 'elp!

- Gora Lightmane

On Completion Edit

Well, it seems like the Trollburner's workin', judgin' by the smell o' you!

- Gora Lightmane

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 2848

External Links Edit

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