Chapter 3: The Trail of Bones VI

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Chapter 3: The Trail of Bones VI

Order Epic Quest
Zone Avelorn (T3)
Start Daeriaen Fellshard (T3)
End Grand Theogonist Volkmar
Previous Chapter 3: The Trail of Bones V
Next Chapter 3: The Trail of Bones VII


Chapter 3 The Trail of Bones VI T3 map
Tier 3
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"You need to rescue those poor Dwarfs that I used the Nehekharan relic to reanimate. The Dark Elves of House Uthorin needed to demonstrate the relic to Malekith. And I needed you to take it back from them for me. Why should Malekith be the only one to wield this amazing power?"

"I asked you previously to spare my life. Now, I make you the same offer: Hand over the relic, and you can leave here alive."

- Daeriaen Fellshard

Chapter 3: The Trail of Bones VI is an Order Quest that is unique to Beyond the Sands Live Event, and begins in various zones based on the Tier of the character; it plays a key role in the Event's Daily Tasks. There are four instances of the quest, one for each Tier of play.

Particulars Edit

Tier 3

You must not surrender the Nehekharan Relic to Daeriaen Fellshard! Defeat Daeriaen Fellshard and his bodyguards. Then travel to Altdorf and deliver the Nehekaran Relic to Grand Theogonist Volkmar, in the Temple of Sigmar, for safekeeping. If you decline, Daeriaen Fellshard will take possession of the Nehekharan Relic!

Completion Text Edit

"Well, we shall see to it that this thing is properly destroyed."

"For your part in laying the spirits of those Dwarfs to rest, I commend you. And you shall be rewarded, as well."

- Grand Theogonist Volkmar

Rewards Edit

Tier 3 
  • Xp: 5888
  • Coin: 1 Gold Coin 55 Silver Coin 48 Brass Coin

Quest Progression Edit

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