Chapter 3: The Trail of Bones

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  • Tier 1:
    • Step 1:Travel to The Blighted Isle and talk to Haladhrel Sternbrow at Sternbrow's Lament. You gain 1612xp and gold (0 5 75).
    • Step 2:Travel to Ekrund into RvR zone. Use the Nehekaran artifact in your quest inventory. Target the skeleton and use it again.
    • Step 3:Talk to Mangoth. You gain 2451px and gold (0 8 28).
    • Step 4:Travel to Chrace. Kill 3 Uthorin in the specified zone.
    • Step 5:Talk to Mangoth (summon it using the Nehekaran artifact). You gain 4148px and gold.
    • Step 6:Kill 10 enemy players (anywere).
    • Step 7:Talk to Mangoth. 1319px
    • Step 8:Find the Nehekharian Power.
    • Step 7:Talk to Mangoth
    • Step 8:Kill Mangoth
    • Step 9:Kill Mangoth's ...
    • Step 10:Travel to Altdorf.
  • Tier 3:
    • Travel to Avelorn and talk to Aerylia Windstrider at Well of Whispers.
    • Travel to The Badlands into RvR zone depot and use the Nehekharan Artifact in your quest inventory. Target the skeleton and use it again.
    • Travel to Avelorn to Tor Saroir and kill 3 Heartblade Plunderers.
    • Go behind the building and use the Nehekharan Artifact in your quest inventory. Talk to Daeriaen Fellshard.
    • Kill 10 enemy players then return to Tor Saroir. Talk to Daeriaen Fellshard.
    • Use the Nehekharan Artifact and follow the skeleton, or run to 27000, 62000 (approx) and interact with the Nehekharian Power.
    • Return to Tor Saroir and talk to Daeriaen Fellshard.
    • Collect the 3 Nehekharan Relics around the area of Tor Saroir and return to Daeriaen Fellshard.
    • Kill Daeriaen Fellshard and his guards.
    • Travel to Altdorf and speak to Grand Theogonist Volkmar.
    • Speak to Garek Hammershield.


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