Chapter 1: The Trail of Bones III

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Chapter 1: The Trail of Bones III

Order Epic Quest
Zone The Badlands (T3)
Start Filcher Stenchtoof (T3)
End Garek Hammershield
Previous Chapter 1: The Trail of Bones II


Chapter 1 The Trail of Bones III T3 map
Tier 3
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Chapter 1: The Trail of Bones III is an Order Quest that is unique to Beyond the Sands Live Event, and begins in various zones based on the Tier of the character; it plays a key role in the Event's Daily Tasks. There are four instances of the quest, one for each Tier of play.

Particulars Edit

  • Scout the Depot - 0/1

In-Progress Text Edit

Tier 3

"I'z told ya evvryfink I know!"

- Filcher Stenchtoof

Completion Text Edit

"This ... this ... I have no words for what an abomination this is! There's no magic in the whole of the wide world that can turn a Dwarf into an undead! Well ... no magic I know of, that's sure ..."

"Well. I promised you a reward, and a reward I'll give you. It's not your fault, what happened there. If anyone's to blame, it's me: I was so certain the greenskins had to be responsible. If I hadn't sent you after the greenskins, those Dwarfs might still be alive -- or, at least, not turned into walking abominations!"

"I ... I need some time to think about this. It's too horrible! An' I feel like I'm to blame for it, sendin' those poor lads out there t'die like that!"

- Garek Hammershield

Rewards Edit

Tier 2 
  • Xp: 5483
  • Coin: 45 Silver Coin 8 Brass Coin
Tier 3 
  • Xp:
  • Coin: 1 Gold Coin 32 Silver Coin 48 Brass Coin

Quest Progression Edit

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