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Chapters progress the PvE Story of the game. Each army has 22 unique story chapters, however other members of the same realm (Order and Destruction) can play through another army's chapters, simply by doing the content in that army's zones. The Chapters chronicle what is going on in a given area and how the struggle is progressing. Players can gain influence rewards per chapter, and each chapter has a Rally Master NPC, as well as a number of Public Quests and other content. It should also be noted that chapters do not cross tiers.


Empire chaptersEdit

Chapters for the Empire Order of the Griffon.

High Elf chaptersEdit

Chapters for the High Elf Shining Guard.


Chaos chaptersEdit

Chapters for the Chaos Raven Host.

Dark Elf chaptersEdit

Chapters for the Dark Elf House Uthorin army.

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