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Chaos Undivided is the worship of all Chaos Gods, greater and lesser, as a single pantheon or deity.

Overview Edit

Some followers of the Dark Gods worship them as a pantheon rather than following one particular god. Other followers worship Chaos as a single great entity, with the various Chaos Gods simply manifestations of that entity's aspects. Still others may simply follow one god briefly and then switch allegiance to another, owing more to convenience than actual faith. Regardless of the nature of their worship, all of these are grouped together as Chaos Undivided; followers of Chaos Undivided may bear a mark, similar to the followers of the four great gods.

Generals who bear the mark of Chaos Undivided have more freedom from the effects of the difficult relations between the Chaos Gods. As an example, while warriors who worship Slaanesh would not serve a general who worships Khorne, an Undivided general can convince these gods' warriors to fight for him, without fear of reprisal from either. Chaos followers who manage to attract the attention of all four major Chaos gods must be either very strong willed or very lucky to maintain their identity as a mortal leader, and those who rise to become champions of Chaos Undivided can usually command vast armies drawn from a coalition of Northmen tribes. The greatest of these are known as the Everchosen, favoured champions who carry the marks of all four Chaos powers, all of whom have led some of the most destructive Chaos incursions into the Old World in history.

The Gods of Chaos
Khorne Nurgle Slaanesh Tzeentch

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