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This is a Rewards article from the Tome of Knowledge.

Chaos Tactics are unlocked from the tome of knowledge by completing Bestiary tome unlocks.

Certain unlocks in this category will reward a Chaos Tactic Fragment. When enough of these fragments have been unlocked, a Chaos Tactic will also be unlocked. Once unlocked, the player must travel to the library in their capital city to purchase the tactic. Once purchased, these tactics can be equipped in a Tome Tactic slot.

Chaos TacticsEdit

Tactic Required Fragments Effect
Favour the Daemonic 5 Increase defence chance against Beastmen by 5%.
Favour of the Gods 10 Increase defence chance against Beastmen by 5%.
Take 5% less damage from Beastmen.
Favour of the Mad 15 Increase defence chance against Beastmen by 5%.
Take 5% less damage from Beastmen.
Abilities cool down 2s faster against Beastmen.

Chaos Tactic Fragment UnlocksEdit

Creature Tome Unlock Entry Name Order Zone Destruction Zone
Bestigor Appalling Fashion T3: Talabecland
Bestigor Specific Task: Nacht to Dread T4: Chaos Wastes
Gor Kill Quest: Thin the Herd T2: Ostland
Gor For The Greater Gor T4: Praag T4: Kadrin Valley
Ungor Thorn in My Side T3: High Pass
Ungor Trinkets for Treasure T3: Talabecland
Plague Victim NPC: Epic Epidemic T1: Norsca
Plague Victim Champion: Wash Your Hands T2: Ostland
Chaos Mutant Kill 1,000 Chaos Mutants T3: Talabecland south of PQ(destro) Steinbruck Manor
Flayerkin Kill 1,000 Flayerkin Inevitable City near Sacellum grp of mobs lvl 21
Harpy Mob: Get Down Here! T1: Chrace
Harpy Silent Star T4: Eataine
Tuskgor Tusk for Tusk T4: Eataine
Maggot Kill 1,000 Maggots N/A
Tuskgor Saving Face (Order) T4: Eataine (Destro) T3: High Pass
Bray Shaman Kill 1,000 Bray Shamans N/A
Dragon Ogre Kill 1,000 Dragon Ogre N/A

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