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Chaos Spawn
Creature Info
Type Daemons
Sub-Type Unmarked Daemons
Variants: Unknown
Level range: Unknown
Chaos Spawn

Also known as Spawn of Chaos, the Chaos Spawn is a nasty-looking monstrosity from the Chaos Wastes, living only through the forces of pure chaos that keep its mutated and mutilated body together. Chaos Spawn are highly dangerous, and lash out with many mutated appendages, seeking to rend limb from limb all those they encounter.

Chaos Spawns were once mortal followers of Chaos; they are an example of the destiny which awaits those who give their bodies and souls over to the corruption of the Gods of Chaos too eagerly, for instead of becoming a Daemon Prince the individual has accepted too many "gifts" from their chosen god and is unable to hold onto his mind or mortality any longer. Alternatively, a Chaos Spawn could be an individual who is not a follower of Chaos, but has simply spent too much time in the Chaos Wastes or in another area with a high concentration of Chaos energy from the Realm of Chaos.

Tome UnlocksEdit

Task Rewards Order Text Destruction Text
Encounter a Chaos Spawn XP:84 N/A
Kill 25 Chaos Spawns XP:204 N/A
Beyond Definition Title:The Serene, XP:336 High Pass: Discover a specific item.
Kill 100 Chaos Spawns XP:500 N/A
Empirical Proof One Tusk, XP:806 Praag: Discover a unique item.
Kill 1,000 Chaos Spawns Daemonic Tactic Fragment, XP:??? N/A
 ???  ???  ???  ???

Tome TextEdit

The "gifts" granted to the moral servants of the dark gods are varied and quite real and quite potent. To those who are afforded the dubious attentions of the utterly inhuman Chaos gods may find their strength increased or their senses sharpened far beyond the norm. Such rewards come at a price for the Chaos gods are capricious and have no reckoning of excess in the sense that a mortal mind comprehends it. More often than not, the beneficiary of too many gifts is stripped of both his humanity and his sanity.

Named Chaos Spawn Edit

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