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Since Chaos came to the Warhammer World it has waged war unending. Though most of the time much energy is wasted in internal struggle between the aspects itself, now and again the forces of Chaos unite to win all mortal souls from their current masters. Such times of expansion are known as Chaos Incursions. In the history, there have been several incursions, but never truly successful. Some claim that Chaos will inevitably win, given time, but the Chaos Gods are impatient and lust for the moment when the world will be entirely under their control.


At the north and south poles of the Warhammer World lie two great Chaos Gates which act as portals between the world and the otherworldly Realm of Chaos, a dimension of raw energy, home to the Chaos Gods and Daemons, source of the Winds of Magic and powers of mutation. Here, the daemonic legions of the gods of Chaos struggle against each other in eternal slaughter, mirrored in the battles of the twisted, mortal followers. For the Chaos Gods are in constant competition with each other, their alliances and conflicts as whimsical as themselves.

There are times, however, when the gods unite and call for war. The Realm of Chaos swells with energy and expends, engulfing the Chaos Wastes and beneath its shadow marches Daemons of Chaos. Chaos Champions and their followers advance, sometimes an Everchosen stands up to lead them, Beastmen band together and come out there remote hidings, secret cults in the land of men stir and take up arms. The forces of Chaos invade the world. Such times are known as Chaos Incursions.

In the course of history, there have been many Chaos Incursions. Thus far, they have always been turned back. But the costs are high and Chaos, by its very alluring nature, especially to humans, grows ever stronger.

The First Great Chaos IncursionEdit

The origin of Chaos can be situated around -5600 IC when the northern inter-dimensional gateways of the Old Ones, an antediluvian star-faring race, collapsed and crashed down on earth. This collapse created a portal to the Realm of Chaos. The world shook to its foundations and was engulfed by mutating dark powers and daemons, coloured magic clouded the sky.

The Old Ones are believed to have perished fighting Chaos. Humans were primitive savages back then, but the elves and dwarfs bravely took arms and tried to save the world from the destructive powers of Chaos.

It was Grungni, later to become the dwarven god of mining, who told the dwarfs to delve deep into the earth and wait there until the worst had passed. Meanwhile in Ulthuan, Aenarion gathered the elves to succesfully fight back the Daemons assailing the island.

The Second Great Chaos IncursionEdit

It was around -4500 IC when Chaos, never truly defeated, returned in a Second Great Chaos Incursion. When the Dwarfs emerged from their hideouts, they found the world changed. Beastmen and Skaven walked the earth, their kin to the east had become Chaos Dwarfs and Zombie Dragons walked the Plain of Bones. Grimnir, later to become the dwarven god of war, was armed with two mighty rune axes and he led the dwarfs against the forces of Chaos.

In Ulthuan, Aenarion ruled the elves and led them for a second time to fight off the hordes of Chaos. The great mage Caledor Dragontamer sailed out in the hope to find the source of Chaos and, standing on the shores of the Old World, he met for the first time the dwarfs and learned from them about the Chaos Portal. Caledor returned to Ulthuan. Grimnir, having heard from Caledor about the nature of the Realm of Chaos, gave one axe to his son, Morgrim and, with the other axe in hand, departed to the north, hoping to close the Portal. He was never heard of again, but dwarven legend claim that he succeeded, at least partially.

With the Sword of Khaine in hand and riding the dragon Indraugnir, Aenarion sacrificed his life fighting four Greater Daemons to buy time for Caledor and his mages to create a large vortex on the Isle of the Dead to drain the Chaos magic. However, the energies needed were too much to handle for the elven mages and they were trapped inside the Vortex. Although it was only partially successful, Chaos was nonetheless driven back to the polar regions.

Great War against ChaosEdit

The Great War against Chaos was fought in 2302 IC. The Dark Elves, allied with the forces of Chaos, attacked Ulthuan while at the same time Kislev was invaded by Asavar Kul and other hordes of Chaos. Karaz a Karak was besieged. With the help of Teclis and Tyrion, the dark elves were beaten back at the Battle of Finuval Plain. The Empire, divided during the Age of Three Emperors, mustered an army behind the preacher Magnus the Pious and rode out to aid the Tzar of Kislev. Praag was sacked, but the combined Dwarven and Imperial forces defeated the Chaos hordes in the Battle at the Gates of Kislev.

Storm of ChaosEdit

While part of the Warhammer background, this is not part of WAR. See Storm of Chaos for more information.

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