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Public QuestsEdit

  * Destruction of the Weak
        Stage 1: Kill 60 Flagellants (Lvl 7)
        Stage 2: Kill 6 Prophet of Doom (Lvl 8 Champion)
        Stage 3: Kill Vitzthum the Monomaniac (Lvl 8 Hero) and 2 Doomed Martyr (Lvl 7 Champions)
  * Pillage and Plunder
        Stage 1: Kill 15 Nordland Millers (Lvl 7) and 35 Nordland Swordarms (Lvl 8)
        Stage 2: Destroy 5 Wagons
        Stage 3: Kill Valhaus the Marksman (Lvl 7 Hero)
  * The Wilds of War
        Stage 1: Kill 40 Wilderland Trackhounds (Lvl 7) and 40 Wilds Huntsmen (Lvl 8)
        Stage 2: Remove 20 Traps
        Stage 3: ?

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