Chaos Casket III

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Chaos Casket III

Order PvE Quest
Zone Altdorf
Start Gothard Alexander
End Grand Theogonist Volkmar
Previous Chaos Casket II


Chaos Casket III map
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"If this Desert Chronicle is to be believes, then, it might explain why they were so daring as to break into the very heart of the Empire's faith to get the Eye."

"Hm. If they were also after the book - and they believe it's here - they may try again. We may yet have a spy in our midst!"

"I beg a favor. While I speak to the Grand Theogonist about this, I'd like to ask you to do a bit of reconnaissance on the Temple's behalf. There may be a dangerous invader within these very walls, and I want every last corner of the building searched to ensure that Sigmar's loyal followers may worship here in safety and security. If you see any signs of trespass, investigate them thoroughly. Our enemy is crafty, and may be hidden in, under, or behind virtually anything. Leave no stone unturned!"

"In the meantime, I will arrange for you to speak with Lord Volkmar about this."

- Gothard Alexander

Chaos Casket III is an Order Quest that is unique to Beyond the Sands Live Event, and begins in the city of Altdorf. It plays a key role in the Event's Daily Tasks. There are four instances of the quest, one for each Tier of play.

Particulars Edit

Search the Temple of Sigmar for anything conspicuous and thoroughly investigate any clues you find. But be wary! There's no telling who or what may be concealed within the Temple walls!

Speak to Grand Theogonist Volkmar in the Temple of Sigmar when you have finished.

In-Progress Text Edit

"Back so soon? And nothing seemed awry?"

- Gothard Alexander

Completion Text Edit

"You have done the Empire a valuable service today, {name}. I think it's only fair that the Empire - and here I speak specifically of the Temple of Sigmar - rewards you for the service you have done."

- Grand Theogonist Volkmar

Rewards Edit

Tier 2 

Quest Progression Edit

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