Chaos Casket II

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Chaos Casket II

Order PvE Quest
Zone Altdorf
Start Desert Chronicle
End Gothard Alexander
Previous Chaos Casket I
Next Chaos Casket III


Chaos Casket II map
(click to enlarge)

The priests there may be interested to hear what the Desert Chronicle has to say about that otherwise unremarkable trinket in their vaults. You should seek out the priest Gothard Alexander in the Temple of Sigmar; surely he will know more about the Eye of Seheph.

- Desert Chronicle, Upon Examination

Chaos Casket II is an Order Quest that is unique to Beyond the Sands Live Event, and begins in the city of Altdorf. It plays a key role in the Event's Daily Tasks. There are four instances of the quest, one for each Tier of play.

Particulars Edit

Go to the Temple of Sigmar and speak to Gothard Alexander.

Completion Text Edit

"'Desert Chronicle,' eh? So that's where it went.We thought it was still in our vaults."

"Probably for the best, though. Our vault was broken into recently - and the thieves made off with that very gem the book speaks of: the Eye of Seheph. If the book had been here, they might have gotten it, too."

- Gothard Alexander, Upon Examination

Rewards Edit

Tier 2 
  • Xp: 731
  • 43 Silver Coin 12 Brass Coin

Quest Progression Edit

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