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Chaos Casket I

Order PvE Quest
Zone Altdorf
Start Calvin Ackmeyer
End Desert Chronicle
Next Chaos Casket II


Chaos Casket I map
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"It occurs to me that, perhaps, you might like to know exactly why the Emperor has taken this sudden interest in starting a second campaign to the south, when the war with Chaos rage on mere miles from where we stand."

"As it happens, I know where the story begins. Ironically enough, it begins in a library: the Altdorf Library. If you're serious about getting to the root of this, you would do well to look for a book entitled 'Desert Chronicles' there."

- Calvin Ackmeyer

Chaos Casket I is an Order Quest that is unique to Beyond the Sands Live Event, and begins in the city of Altdorf. It plays a key role in the Event's Daily Tasks. There are four instances of the quest, one for each Tier of play.

Particulars Edit

Go to the Altdorf Library and locate the book entitled 'Desert Chronicle'.

In-Progress Text Edit

"Interesting read, eh? What? You haven't read it yet?"

- Calvin Ackmeyer

Completion Text Edit

The book seems to be about a long-ago expedition into the deserts of the south, and the discovery of the mysterious gem known as the Eye of Seheph. As you peruse the pages, one passage leaps out at you:

'... von Gasiche may have actually been right about the connection between the Eye of Seheph and the Casket of Souls--which might explain why those mummified warriors so vigorously defended that particular sarcophagus above all others in the crypt. Together, the Eye and the Casket are a source of vast, unspeakable power. Separating them may be the best way of ensuring that the world is never again threatened by the army of the dead ...'

The rest of the book is a list of the Eye's various owners. Apparently, it is currently in a vault in the Temple of Sigmar. The priests there may be interested to hear what the Desert Chronicle has to say about that otherwise unremarkable trinket in their vaults...

- Desert Chronicle, Upon Examination

Rewards Edit

Tier 2 
  • 43 Silver Coin 12 Brass Coin
  • Xp: 868

Quest Progression Edit

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