Centuries in the Making II

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Centuries in the Making II

Tier 1 Order Kill Player Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Draethenil Sunwalker
End Draethenil Sunwalker
Previous Centuries in the Making I


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The existence of the Dark Elves is the greatest shame of our people. For, as long as they blight this world, it will be our duty to remove them from it. That is the burden we must bear. It is our penance.

Our terrible cousins have brought their hatred to our lands once more, and we fight for isle we have called our home for as long as our people have existed.

Our fight is desperate and we cannot fail. Do you have the knowledge to survive? Do you know the enemy better than your own soul? Prove it to me so that I may count another competent warrior amongst our number.

Particulars Edit

Objectives Edit

Completion Text Edit

Those horrific husks have no connection to their lost nobility. Consumed by hatred and cruelty, the Dark Elves are sadistic fiends bred only for violence. I hope that you understand the malevolent cunning of my cousins, and the wicked arts they have mastered. By brutal blade or dark sorcery the kin-traitors will ensure that death comes to the unprepared. In fact, death is the most merciful of the fates that one can hope for if he is left in the hands of the Dark Elves.

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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