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Celeborn Slenderwand is the High Elf Chapter 5 Kill Collector NPC in Mathrin's Watch, The Blighted Isle.

Initial Speech Edit

The kin-traitors approach, {name}, intent on swallowing Ulthuan whole. They have given themselves over to the practice of war, and now they hope to catch us between the dangers of this land and those they have brought with them.

Our Shadow Warriors can find their trail, root out their strongholds and lead a force to the locations. But we cannot hunt specific prey while other dangers remain.

The Haunting Bats of the Shadowlands have ever been a danger to our forces, and the disruption caused by our cousins' invasion have served only to fuel their naturally aggressive behavior. They must be put down, <your name>, for the good of us all."

Kill Quest - Clearing the Air Edit

I have seen an Elf born aloft, caught with fang and claw. Hauting Bats have spread across all of the Shadowlands, there is no corralling them. If we cannot cull their numbers our forces will face death on all sides."

Rewards: 133 XP / kill

You'll be rewarded for 60 bats, for a total of 7980 XP, no other tome unlock, and then speech will change.

You have accomplished more than I could hope, the skies are clear of danger once again. Now we may turn our full attentions upon those who would steal our lands. We will not allow the Dark Elves to destroy our homes a second time!"

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