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Expanded Background Content is Warhammer lore that does not fit within the "pocket universe" of WAR.

Reason for ExclusionEdit

Mythic Entertainment made the choice when creating the background for WAR that certain events would not be included in the background for the setting of Warhammer Online. This is considered to have begun with Mythic deciding the presence of an Archaon, Everchosen of Chaos, would detract from the presence of Tchar'zanek as the leader of the Raven Host (the creation of whom goes back even further to the original choice to have a Tzeentchian army, as opposed to Chaos Undivided army.)

Because of the choice to exclude the Storm of Chaos, and other major events, as well as the fact that the two happen concurrently in the history of the world (circa 2520 - 2525 IC,) WAR is considered to exist in a "pocket universe" in Warhammer lore. Because of this, characters such as Archaon, and Grimgor Ironhide do not appear in WAR, and are not considered to exist in WAR's version of history.

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