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Castle Drakenhof was the seat of the mad von Drak counts of Sylvania, a province in the Empire. Later it became the home of the von Carstein Vampires. Today it is a haunted place that attracts adventurers because of the treasure trove of occult lore rumoured to be contained in its library.



Castle Drakenhof is located in Sylvania, a southern part of Stirland in the Empire, on top of a massive clifftop overseeing the surrounding forest. It consists of four mighty towers, a gigantic central keep and, dug into the rock beneath, a labyrinth of crypts, dungeons and abandoned torture chambers. Secret passageways give entrance to the forest below.

It is still visible that once this was the seat of the von Carstein family: their portraits hang in the halls, the obsidian goblets from whence they used to drink blood still stand in the dining room. Tapestry and curtains are rotten, and the furniture is dusty.


Drakenhof is the accursed castle where Vlad von Carstein began his reign of terror and from whose battlements he summoned his undead army. It was home to generations of von Draks before Vlad came and finally it was home to Mannfred von Carstein before the last of the Vampire Counts was dispatched at the Battle of Hel Fenn. Dark forces are still drawn to this place and it is shunned by all locals for its dark and unholy history. In recent years, it seems that some undead evil has returned to Castle Drakenhof, making it even more infamous than before.

Adventurers still seek the castle out because of the treasure trove of occult lore rumoured to be contained in its library. It is said copies of all the great sorcerous works can be found there, but no one who has sought them has ever returned. Felix Jaeger and Gotrek Gurnisson have also paid Castle Drakenhof a visit, during which they saved a Kislevite girl called Ulrika from the grasp of the necromancer Adolphus Krieger.


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