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Beyond the Sands Manifest 001
Cargo Manifest
Quest Item
Bind on Pickup
A few choice papers pulled from the wreckage of a greenskin blimp. Right-click to read.

The manifest contains an account of the ship's cargo:
- 10 crates of gold artifacts
- 10 crates of unearthed pottery
- 5 crates of bronze weapons
- 9 crates of misc. artifacts
- 1 sarcophagus

- Cargo Manifest, Quest Completion Text: Antiquities Lost I

The Cargo Manifest is a quest item obtained from the Hastily Stacked Papers, an intractable object, as part of an Order Quest for the Beyond the Sands Live Event.

Source Edit

Hastily Stacked Papers

Hastily Stacked Papers

The Cargo Manifest is found within the intractable object Hastily Stacked Papers.

Quests Edit

"I need proof that those chuffin' mongrels are up t' somethin' before anything can be done!"

- Duragin Bitterhelm, Quest In-Progress Text: Antiquities Lost I

Begins Quests Edit

Ends Quests Edit

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