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The Ruins of Calumel, The Blighted Isle

When the Black Ark of House Arkaneth approached the Blighted Isle, it was the village of Calumel that felt the full strength of the invading force. Led by their Prince, Udaen Mournfire, the settlement's defenders gathered in preparation to repel their Dark Elf cousins. They were overwhelmed.

The majority of the survivors fled Calumel, leaving only a token force to watch their retreat into nearby Moonrise Forest. With them, they bore the body of their fallen Prince.

When reinforcements finally arrived through the Undersea Cave, the village had been lost. Under the command of Prince Eldrion, the warriors of the Shining Guard established a camp near the cavern entrance, and began to fight back against their dark kin.

In Warhammer Online Edit

Calumel lies in ruins, and High Elves of the Shining Guard clash with the Dark Elves and allies of House Arkaneth for control of the settlement. Prince Eldrion has established a small camp near the Undersea Cave, and offers a number of quests that involve both rescuing survivors and inflicting vengeance on those who have seized control of the area.

After proving oneself to Prince Eldrion, players are sent east to Azurewood Glade, where they are asked to assist Sariel Keenbow in further weakening House Arkaneth's hold on the region.

Calumel NPCs Edit

Calumel - Sun Drake

The Sun Drake of Prince Udaen Mournfire

Merchants Edit

Trainers Edit

Calumel Mobs Edit

Named Mobs Edit

Quests Edit

The Blighted Isle Subzones
Icon High Elves Shining Guard
AduneiAzurewood ForestAzurewood GladeCalumelDaroir LacorithDuskwatchFire Crystal CavernsHalls of LileathLacorith VillageMiralei ShoalsMoonrise ForestMoonrise Tower
Icon Dark Elves House Uthorin

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