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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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Caledor concept

Concept art of the Mountains of Caledor, a zone in WAR.

Caledor is one of the inner kingdoms of Ulthuan. Situated in the south west reaches of the island, Caledor is a sparsely-populated land dominated by a range of tall and majestic mountain spires. In the elder days several of the Phoenix Kings of Ulthuan came from here and the kingdom enjoyed a power far beyond its sparse population would suggest. The reason for this can be summed up in one word - dragons.


Long ago, the volcanic peaks of Caledor were ablaze, spewing great plumes of ash-grey smoke high into the air. The skies of ancient Caledor were filled with mighty dragons, and when the High Elves of old marched to war, the Dragon Princes of Caledor were among their deadliest instruments. The proud warrior-nobles swooped into the fray astride the backs of their great dragons, laying waste to all in their path. Though few in number, the Dragon Princes wrought terrible destruction on the enemies of Ulthuan. In battle none could stand against them, for they were fearsome mages as well as mighty warriors, and their steeds were terrible to behold.

The origins of the Dragon Princes and their unique bond with the great winged beasts of their homeland lie even further in the past. It was the legendary High Elf Mage Caledor Dragontamer who, using his arcane craft to enchant harnesses forged in the heart of nearby Vaul's Anvil, brought the majestic beasts to heel. Indeed, the province derives its name from this figure of legend.

Great granite fortresses sprang up in the misty vales and from them Dragon Princes rode the thermals over sullen volcanoes. Eventually the mountains cooled and the volcanoes erupted less. Even as the peaks lost their fire so did the dragons lose theirs. One by one, they drifted into slumber, becoming even more difficult to rouse. Those that remained awake became sluggish and temperamental, and their riders became reluctant to use their mounts save in times of dire need. As the strength of the dragons waned so did the power of the Dragon Princes. The long reign of the Dragon Princes ended and their grip on the throne of the Phoenix King was lost. The venerable realm of Caledor was eclipsed by other kingdoms including the fast-rising mercantile city-state of Lothern.

Although the impressive splendours of Caledor can still be seen, the kingdom is a pale reflection of its former glory. Ancient shrines and monuments stand in august silence, gradually succumbing to the elements over long centuries. Hidden among the bleak volcanic highlands are secret valleys filled with lush greenery, and a vast and labyrinthine network of caverns wind beneath the stony earth throughout the province. The current ruler of Caledor is Prince Imrik.

Caledor has also shares its name with:

  • Caledor Dragontamer - A great High Elf mage.
  • Caledor the Conqueror - The third Phoenix King. Originally named Imrik but took the name Caledor upon being crowned.
  • Caledor II - The fourth Phoenix King.

Caledor in the Age of ReckoningEdit

The Dark Elves have many reasons to despise Caledor. They have suffered the fiery wrath of the dragons in battle, and known defeat at the hands of more than one of the province's heirs. The Witch King greatly desires to see Caledor crushed and its defenders slain to the last. To carry out this task, he has appointed the merciless Beastlord Rakarth, greatest among the Beastmasters of the Druchii.

With an army of fearsome manticores, hydras and black dragons at his command, Rakarth launches a ferocious assault on Caledor, his mind bent on bloody vengeance and conquest.

Though their glory is now long past and their dragons lay in slumber beneath the long-dormant mountains, the warriors of Caledor are still a force to be reckoned with. Under the command of Prince Imrik, leader of the Dragon Princes, the High Elves have marshalled their strength at the fortress of Tor Sethai. The Dark Elves have set their sights on the ancient citadel, and a great battle looms for control of this vital stronghold.

Elsewhere, battles rage around the Shrines of the Phoenix Kings, great monuments erected long ago to honour those rulers of antiquity who hailed from Caledor. The spiteful Witch King has ordered these statues wrecked to the ground, for these Phoenix Kings of old slew many Dark Elves in ancient wars that neither side has forgotten. For the High Elves, it is a point of great honor to protect the shrines and the legacy that they represent.

The din of battle now echoes from every high mountain peak and in every shadow-filled crag in Caledor. The war has come perilously close to the High Elves' capital city of Lothern, and the fighting has intensified on both sides.

Like wolves on the hunt, the Dark Elves have smelt blood and are closing in for the kill. In Caledor, however, the invaders will find that the resolve of the Dragon Princes and the Shining Guard are nearly as implacable as the very mountains they call home.

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