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Byrrnoth Gundadrakk ss

King Byrrnoth in full armor.

King Byrrnoth Gundadrakk is the Lord of Barak Varr, and commander of the entire Dwarf fleet. At the request of High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer he has agreed to send a significant portion of his flotilla of ironclads to support the Dwarf recovery of Ekrund, leaving only a token force behind to defend the harbor of his hold. Byrrnoth Gundadrakk is a public quest boss for Destruction players.


When Barak Varr comes under siege from the Greenskin army, King Gundadrakk decides to the fight to the Greenskins massing in the harbor in his personal Ironclad. Unfortunately for him and his crew, the vessel ran aground on the beachy coastline of Hammerhead Lagoon. The Ironclad now lies stranded on the shore opposite the fortified entrance to the port of Barak Varr. Behind it is a wake of destroyed greenskin barges, and fortified within is the King of Barak Varr himself, Byrrnoth Grundadrakk. Players will fight their way into the nautical tank and eventually come to face with the stalwart king in an epic conflict.

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