By My Oath II

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By My Oath

Tier 3 Order PvE Quest
Zone The Badlands
Subzone Spitbore
Start Ranger Hillson
End Norn Grindolsson

Quest Chain

Norn Grindolsson

Ranger Hillson

  • By My Oath II


By My Oath II map
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The Medallion of the fallen Oathbearer should be displayed in a place of honor, perhaps even in the hall of the High King. Until that day can come to pass, though, it should be returned to Norn Grindolsson for safekeeping.

For the moment, however, there's still the matter of Hillson's death. His grudge must be answered, and his death avenged. With a grimace, you prepare to slay the foul Geyser Squigs that took his life.

- Upon Examination: Ranger Hillson

Summary Edit

Slay Geyser Squigs to avenge Hillson's death.

After the grudge is answered, return to Norrikson's Excavation. Deliver the Oathbearer's Medallion to Norn Grindolsson.

Objectives Edit

On Completion Edit

Hillson was a good Dwarf. He'll be sorely missed.

I was there the day he was made an Oathbearer. There was no prouder Dwarf in the lot. He'll rest sound knowin' he died in service to 'is king an' kin.

- Norn Grindolsson

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 2848
  • You may select one of the following on completion:
Ironbreaker Icon Great Will Greathelm
Oathbearer Greathelm
Slayer Icon Great Will War Shroud
Oathbearer War Shroud
Engineer Icon Great Will Hardhat
Oathbearer Hardhat
Rune Priest Icon Great Will Skullcap
Oathbearer Skullcap
Knight of the Blazing Sun Icon Great Will Casque
Oathbearer Casque
Witch Hunter Icon Great Will Hat
Oathbearer Hat
Bright Wizard Icon Great Will Grille
Oathbearer Grille
Warrior Priest Icon Great Will Helm
Oathbearer Helm
Swordmaster Icon Great Will Taen
Oathbearer Taen
White Lion Icon Great Will Steelhelm
Oathbearer Steelhelm
Shadow Warrior Icon Great Will Maskhelm
Oathbearer Maskhelm
Archmage Icon Great Will Circlet
Oathbearer Circlet

External Links Edit

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