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Concept art of the Bright Wizard College

The Bright Wizard College looms high above the rooftops of Altdorf, a fiery landmark that dominates the skyline of the city. Huge gouts of flame and choking smoke billows from within this stone and metal citadel where Bright Wizards of the Empire learn their craft. Wizards of all abilities come here to study the fiery arts of Aqshy fruitfully but also sometimes recklessly, causing surrounding trees, houses, or even the odd unlucky peasant to be incinerated as experiments go wrong.


The Bright College, along with the majority of the Colleges of Magic, are located within the Empire captial city of Altdorf. The Bright College is located in a part of the city that burned down years ago. Although the fire happened long ago, the ruins still smolder as though the flames had just been put out. The College itself is made of red stone and consists of a number of towers surrounding inner courtyards. These towers are topped with ever-burning fires fed by the power of Aqshy.

In traditional Warhammer lore; the Bright Wizard College, like many of the Colleges, is magically hidden from the eyes of the common citizens of the Empire. However, in WAR, the college is visible to anyone in the city Altdorf - its imposing architecture visible from most anywhere in the city, and bursts of flame shoot from its sides, as smoke billows from the top.

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