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Bright Wizards are ranged spellcasters in the Empire's Order of the Griffon. They specialize in the manipulation of Aqshy, or fire magic, one of the eight winds of magic. The Bright Wizard is paired with the Dark Elven Sorceress.

Statistics GrowthEdit

Strength 40 base, +1 even levels, +2 odd levels
Ballistic Skill 35 base, +1 every level
Intelligence 65 base, +4 every level
Toughness 50 base, +2 even levels, +3 odd levels
Weapon Skill 45 base, +2 every level
Initiative 55 base, +3 every level
Willpower 60 base, +3 even levels, +4 odd levels
Wounds 40 base, +9 every level

Speciality Edit

Bright Wizards are able to cast spells using the Lore of Fire. Due to the volatile nature of Aqshy, they always risk a backlash that could incinerate themselves as well as their opponents. This buildup of Aqshy is known as 'Combustion' and the greater the level of Combustion Bright Wizards place into their destructive spells the more likely they will explode with stupendous results (Critical Hit). However, even the most skilled wizard will get burned when playing with fire. Pushing the Combustion level too high can result in a damaging backlash of magical energy.

They can use the Seven Keys to expand their power and gain unique abilities. These Seven Keys, arcane talismans and techniques too reckless and destructive for the minds of humanity’s Elven tutors, are mastered by every Bright Wizard and afford him considerable power. Each key lends the Bright Wizard’s magic a unique aspect, and all of them expand his power. With his mastery of the magic of fire, and the power of the Keys, his spells burn his foes, and then burn their own magic, combining to create a deadly conflagration.

Combustion level Critical Chance Critical Damage Backlash
1 - 10 +5% +10% 5%
11 - 30 +10% +20% 10%
31 - 70 +15% +40% 15%
71 - 90 +25% +80% 25%
91 - 100 +35% +100% 35%


Each mastery tree allows the Bright Wizard to focus his abilities according to play style and taste.

Path of IncinerationEdit

The Path of Incineration primarily focuses on destructive single-target spells. About half of these spells have high values of Combustion allowing those who master the Path of Incineration to focus on weaving high risk spells in with more reliable destructive magics for optimal single target damage.

Path of ConflagrationEdit

The Path of Conflagration is the most destructive of the Bright Wizard masteries with area effect spells capable of burning entire swaths of land to a crisp. However, Masters of Conflagration must exert the most self-control; most of their spells build up high levels of Combustion and their reckless use could mean the Bright Wizard’s doom as well.

Path of ImmolationEdit

The Path of Immolation focuses on damage over time and debilitating, lingering debuffs. A Master of Immolation is more patient, relying less on high-Combustion spells with explosive effect and more on slow burns that build up into an unstoppable inferno.

Abilities, Tactics and Morale Actions Edit

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See main article: Bright Wizard abilities.

The following is a complete list of Actions that the Bright Wizard can perform.

Abilities Tactics Morale
Shield of Aqsy
Smoke Screen
Scorched Earth
Flames of Rhuin
Boiling Blood
Fiery Blast
Fire Cage
Pyroclastic Surge
Flame Breath
Flame Shield
Burning Iron
Rain of Fire
Slow Boil
Choking Smoke
Funnel Power
Fireball Barrage
Playing With Fire
Withering Heat
Stop, Drop, and Roll
Spreading Flames
Favorable Winds
Emperor's Wind
Devour Energy
Lingering Fires
Unwavering Faith
Endless Knowlege
Fuled from Within
Sigmar's Favor
Sleight of Hand
Power from the Ashes
Close Quarters
Fan the Flames
Distracting Fire
Embrace the Flames
Crown of Fire
Mage Bolt
Siphon Power
Focused Mind
Scintillating Energy
Magic Dart
Ruin and Destruction
Heart of Fire
Unleash the Winds
The Burning Head
Wall of Fire
Conflagration of Doom

- All above Abilities, Morale and Tactics are based from the Offical Game Guide for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

Influence RewardsEdit

Decoration Empire Left
Icon Empire Order of the Griffon career options
Bright Wizard Icon Bright WizardKnight of the Blazing Sun Icon Knight of the Blazing SunWarrior Priest Icon Warrior PriestWitch Hunter Icon Witch Hunter
Decoration Empire Right

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