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Bretonnia is the second largest realm in the Old World. It is a vast land, upon which the mark of Chaos is less apparent than in the Empire or Kislev. The rolling hills and serene valleys of Bretonnia produce abundant crops, animal stockbreeding and fine wines, whilst the forestlands provide solid timber and good hunting. The Bretonnians are well known for their Knights, whom are said to be the best in the world. Bretonnia is not initially involved in the events surrounding the Age of Reckoning.


The lands that were to eventually become Bretonnia were first settled by the Elves. Although most of them left the Old World, a number of them, the Wood Elves, chose to remain behind, and these Elves would prove to have important relations with the Bretonnians in the future.

With the isolation of the Wood Elves in the forests, the humans belonging to the Bretonni tribe settled down in the lands surrounding Athel Loren in the years around -1000 following the Imperial Calendar. As they made their home in this land they ceased to exist as a united tribe, and small independent towns and villages were created.

Due to a lack of unity, the Bretonni began to fall apart from constant Greenskin attacks. In its darkest hours, a hero rose up to unite the Bretonnians and lead them to victory: the young lord of Bastonne, Gilles Le Breton. Blessed by the Lady of the Lake, the Bretonnian Goddess, Gilles and his Grail Companions fought twelve great battles, freeing the land of Bretonnia in 977 IC.

Alas, Gilles, Lord of the Bretonnians, was slain by a foul weapon loosed from an unknown hand. His son, Louis the Rash, became king in 1001 IC after proving himself worthy by gaining the Lady's blessing and becoming a Grail Knight. Louis laid down the codes of chivalry and established the Lady of the Lake as the primary deity for the Bretonnians.

Since the founding of Bretonnia, it has had a rich and glorious history. Bretonnia is known throughout the Old World as the land of heroes, boasting the best knights in the world. The Bretonnians have greatly expanded, conquering and settling many southern areas during the Crusades against Araby, and they maintain an uneasy alliance with the enigmatic Wood Elves.

In 2500 IC Louen Leoncouer was crowned king of Bretonnia. He is the current King and many say the most noble since Gilles himself sat on the throne. Indeed, it is said that the blood of le Breton runs through Leoncouer's veins. Under King Leoncouer's wise leadership, the Bretonnians are prospering like never before.


"What is a knight without his steed? But what is the steed without the knight? Knight and steed, noble and peasant; on such relationships is Bretonnia built"

-King Louen Leoncoeur

Bretonnia is a feudal nation. The peasants serve the knights in return for protection, while the knights are obligated to militarily serve their lords for certain rights and titles. At the top of the feudal hierarchy is the King. Beneath the Kings are the Dukes who rule over different regions in Bretonnia. Beneath them is another layer of nobility - the Earls and Barons in respective order. The King, Dukes, Earls, and Barons are also each the lord of a number of Knights, who are the lesser nobles. Each Knight (including the higher nobles) has his own force of Men-at-Arms chosen from the most physically-able peasants. In return for serving his knightly lord, each peasant is given a small tract of land for his family and can be expected to be called upon for service in times of war. The Knights' forces typically consist of the stronger Men-at-Arms and the more lowly Bowmen levies. In addition to this earthly hierarchy, the lands of Bretonnia are also ruled over by spiritual and mystical leaders – the Fay Enchantress, her Damsels, and the Grail Knights – who are all devoted to the Lady of the Lake.


The kingdom of Bretonnia is made up of the following 14 dukedoms. Each region is ruled by its own Duke, who in turn has various nobles and knights to support him during times of war. In turn, each knight has a standing body of Men-At-Arms to protect their land and castles.

  • Couronne, is the King's Dukedom where he holds court. The King's castle is built on Elven ruins, and is a gathering place for the greatest knights in the realm.
  • L'Anguille sits between Lyonesse and Couronne, and it's port is rumoured to be guarded by the sea-monster Theralind.
  • Artois is one of the northern Dukedoms and is almost completely situated in the Forest of Arden.
  • Lyonesse A coastal Dukedom, often raided by Northmen. It is the easternmost Dukedom of Bretonnia.
  • Mousillon is known as The Land of Despair. Mousillion is the smallest Dukedom of Bretonnia, and is shunned by the rest of Bretonnia. Many believe that the land is cursed.
  • Gisoreaux borders the Forest of Arden.
  • Montfort borders The Empire, and Castle Montfort protects the Axe Bite Pass.
  • Bastonne is the Dukedom that Gilles the Uniter hailed from, a fact touted by its knights and nobles.
  • Bordeleaux is one of the Dukedoms bordering the Forest of Chalons, it is famed for it's wine.
  • Aquitaine is one of the Dukedoms that borders the Forest of Chalons, it has been attacked numerous times by the Red Duke.
  • Parravon is one of the westernmost Dukedoms in Bretonnia, bordering The Empire and is situated between the Grey Mountains and the Massif Orcal. It is home to many of the kingdom's famed Pegasus knights.
  • Brionne is one of the Kingdom's smallest Dukedoms.
  • Quenelles lies close to the realm of the Wood Elves and is the largest dukedom in Bretonnia.
  • Carcassonne is the southernmost dukedom in Bretonnia and is bordered by the mountains known as The Vaults.
  • Glanborielle and Cuileux are two Dukedoms that were destroyed by invading Orcs before the Great Battles of Gilles and the Grail Companions. Glanborielle is merged with Carcassonne and Cuileux is absorbed by Quenelles.

The Forest of Loren, also called Athel Loren, is claimed to be within the borders of Bretonnia, but is known to be the home to the Wood Elves.

Bretonnia in WAREdit

Bretonnia will not be featured in WAR, though Bretonnia might be added as an army for a later expansion.

However, the Hidden Scroll for the What do We Have Here? Bestiary unlocks are the letters left by a Bretonnian Questing Knight named Sir Reynolds Ianeaux during his quest for the Grail.

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