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Not to be confused with a boss.

The law of greenskin status is elegantly simply, and requires none of the maneuvering necessary in the ranks of other races. Advancement is not possible beyond the fighting it takes to determine who leads. Whether or not theirs is an effective system of proving good leadership skill is an entirely separate issue, although the constant rise in greenskin presence and population speaks volumes as to the efficacy of their methods. -- In Game Description

Order Tome UnlockEdit

Kill "The Big 'Un" (Rank 1 Champion Black Orc) a second time for this unlock.

Destruction Tome UnlockEdit

Kill "The Big 'Un" (Rank 1 Champion Black Orc) for this unlock. After killing him, you may be able to loot a banner from the corpse which will enable you to unlock part 3 of this pursuit: Da Biggest 'Un.

Wot you fink? Dat a runt like you is da biggest 'un? -- Da Big 'Un

This tome unlock contributes to the Da Bigga 'Un pursuit achievement.


XP: 150

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