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The Border Princes are a loose collection of human city-states and fiefdoms to the south of the Black Mountains and Black Fire Pass, in the Old World. East of the Border Princes lies the World's Edge Mountains, west is Tilea and then Estalia, while north is The Empire and south is the Black Gulf and Barak Varr and then the Badlands.


The Border Princes are the frontier of the Old World and constantly under assault by Greenskins and Beastmen. Many Dogs of War hail from the Border Princes and few of the Princedoms maintain standing armies, preferring instead to hire mercenaries to fight their battles. The Dwarf Holds of Karak Hirn and Karak Izor are in the Black Mountains just to north of the Border Princes, while Karak Eight Peaks is to the east. Many ruins from the ancient civilisation of Nehekhara exist in the Border Princes. In the ancient past many years before the time of Sigmar, when most of the humans of the Old World were primitive, much of what is now the Border Princes was once under the dominion of that Kingdom.



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Khypris is a notable Princedom in the Border Princes, founded by Tilean explorers.

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