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  • Book of Binding
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Book of Binding is an item every character owns since its creation, it allows for quick return to a specified rally point.

Notes Edit

  • Unique and indestructible, you start with one, can't have more than one, nor less than one. You can't even put it in your bank, so yes, it's a spell everyone has that consumes a bag slot.
  • Rally points are present in every Chapter of the game as well as ORvR camps, speak with a Rally Master to set there the destination of the spell.
  • Using it will cast a spell called "Book of Binding"(id 246, one more than Template:Abi) that has no costs, a 10 seconds casting time and a 60 minutes cooldown(that's one hour, yes).
  • As all the usable items, you can drag it to an action bar slot and use it like it was an ability.

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