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The light of the nearby fire reflects off the blood-spattered Redhorn Skull as it slides easily onto the yellowed pile of bones at the base of the Riphorn herdstone.

A howling wind picks up, circling the herdstone and bringing with it a familiar iron scent. Within moments the wind is gone, but you are left with the certain knowledge that your offering was accepted by the ruinous powers.

Tome UnlockEdit

As of 4/24/2010, Urghu Redhorn does not spawn.

8/1/2010, Urghu Redhorn was there, worked just fine.

Kill Urghu Redhorn, a R17 Champion Gor that spawns in a triangle of skulls on pikes at 64k, 49k in Troll Country. Loot a Redhorn Skull from his corpse and right-click it in your inventory for the unlock. At the same time, you will receive an AE Buff that increases your resists by 3 for 30 minutes.

Kill the 3 named beastmen in the area

  1. Chipmaw the Horrible, Rank 17 Champion
  2. Vengdis Clawhand, Rank 16 Normal
  3. Roargash Riphorn, Rank 17 Champion

Two of them are lvl 17 champs the other is just a normal mob. All can be found across the road and south from the skulls.

NOTE: Was killing the 3 above named Gors and everything else in the area until nightfall. When both moons were alined (middle of the night?) Urghu finaly spawned. Don't know if it's clock specifik or really long respawn time.

- Confirmed working 09/11/2010. Urghu Redhorn seemed to spawn after killing the 3 mobs above


XP: 150

This tome unlock contributes to the Riphorn Challenge Exploration Achievement.

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