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Blade Dancing is the key mechanic for the Swordmaster career. A system of combination attacks, Blade Dancing allows the Swordmaster to chain together different attacks and abilities in order to unleash powerful finishing attacks with their greatswords.

Blade Dances come in three kinds:

- Openers: These Blade Dances improve your Balance from its base level to Improved, unlocking the next stage of Blade Dances. Usually your basic, lower-damage attacks.

- Builders: These Blade Dances require you to have Improved Balance, improve your Balance from Improved to Perfect, unlocking the next stage of Blade Dances. Usually more powerful than Openers.

- Finishers: These Blade Dances require you to have Perfect Balance and reset your Balance to its base level when completed. Usually the most powerful of attacks, with multiple effects.

Some of the Blade Dances revealed so far are:

Graceful Sweep

Phoenix Claw

Dragon Strike

Ensorcelled Blow

Quick Incision

Whispering Wind

Ether Dance

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