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Black Dragons
Creature Info
Type Unknown
Sub-Type Unknown
Variants: Unknown
Level range: Unknown

The Black Dragons of Naggaroth are the darker and colder kin of the High Dragons of Ulthuan.

Like all intelligent Creatures, Dragons are prone to acts of good or ill depending upon their nature and upbringing. When Malekith began his plotting to gain the Phoenix Crown, his agents stole Dragon Eggs from Caledor. These Dragons were secretly nurtured in Nagarythe by Malekith and were enchanted with Dark spells to corrupt the unborn Dragons within. The fiercest Black dragon from the first clutch was Sulekh, Sulekh became the new mount of the Witch King. Since Sulekh's death her children have continued to live alongside the Druchii and wage war against their kin.

Black Dragons are like all other Wyrms of the Warhammer World, however they have lost and gained some features. They have lost the abilty to belch flaming breath which has been replaced with the ability to breathe a noxious gas that can wither the lungs of its victims and rot their flesh. Another feature of the Black dragon is the Dark magic that gives the dragons strength but not so that they become warped like the the Dragons of Chaos.

Notable Black DragonsEdit

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