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The Black Guard has a very simple role in RvR, to rush the enemy with a focus on ranged casters and healers. While they will need a healer themselves to be effective, pairing up with an Chosen or Black Orc could prove to be a very dangerous combination.
In a keep siege a Black Guard will likely find themselves trying to hold a doorway or keeping ranged classes busy by charging. In more open situations, a solid tank like this can occupy a number of DPS which would have normally targetted weaker classes. Plan to make room in your warband for plenty of these as they are sure to be popular.

General RvR Tactics Edit

Black Guards are probably the the tank with the least amount of group utility. We have Snare, Guard, Champion's Challenge, and Taunt, which of course should be used liberally to give your healers as much support as possible. But we don't get a knockback until moderately late (Rank 25), and its effectiveness is very much tied to our hatred. Using it with anything less than 90 Hatred is equivalent to you running up to a guy and giving him a stiff shove, maybe with an incredulous "What the heck, man?" thrown in for good measure. Our survivability isn't as high of as a Black Orcs, nor do we get any buffs to throw on our defensive target.

What Black Guards -do- have is some very good damage output. While I play in the Defensive tree, I believe playing a Black Guard defensively is not the best way to use the class. Instead, I use my Black Guard as an armored spearhead. In the initial class I go straight for the enemy healers. Support the Melee DPS by snaring and knocking down targets. Throw a snare on any enemy MDPS that seems to be going for your healers, and a Strength debuff as well. Black Guards have very little to fear from MDPS, even Witch Hunters, assuming you can keep them in front of you. Be aggressive, hit their healers, make a mess of things in their backline.

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Knight of the Blazing Sun Edit

Concerning Abilities/TacticsEdit
Rune Fang (Tactic)
Coordination (Tactic)
On Your Guard! (Ability)
All Out Assault! (Ability)
Precision Strike (Ability)

Horrific Wound is a necessity. They're still going to get the Morale 1 ward (name?) in a tank fight, but you're best bet is to hope to limit them from getting it multiple times. Furious Howl is great, but not as needed if they have a two-hander because then they probably aren't running Rune Fang / Coordination. Use a glaive as well, going sword/shield against a Knight is foolish, as they are almost guaranteed to be running On Your Guard! in a duel, probably All Out Assault! as well and the third will be the AP regen (name?).

On the plus side, neither of us have an armor debuff, and Precision Strike doesn't stack with weapon skill penetration for armor. Sadly, I don't think our Murderous Wrath does either.

So, debuff, debuff, debuff, and hit him hard and fast as you can.


Ironbreaker Edit

Insert strategy.

Witch Hunter Edit

Insert strategy.

Slayer Edit


White Lion Edit


Warrior Priest Edit

Warrior Priests do not use Action Points to heal,  but they do use Action Points to quickly regenerate Righteous Fury.  AP drains can still be effective by indirectly hampering their healing output, but not to as great effect as with Archmages or Rune Priests.

Hammer / Book means they are a healer. A Two-handed Hammer means they are solo, so less heals and more damage.

1v1 verse a Healing Warrior Priest will be a winnable, but long, fight.  With a 2h DPS spec, use Soul Killer to heal debuff them and Choking Fury to drain AP.  You'll eventually wear them down, and their DPS shouldn't be an issue.  If the WP is either receiving cross heals or a guard, forget about it.  Slap a Soul Killer on him and move on unless you are part of an assist train.

2H DPS Warrior Priests are beatable with proper use of your interrupts.  The DPS Priest will be relying on Divine Assault to burst lifetap-heal back up.  You must interrupt this as soon as it begins.  The animation is fairly obvious (the priest will be madly swinging his hammer around), so make sure to use either Taunt or Crushing Anger.  Prevent their Divine Assaults and you'll prevent them from bursting themselves back to full health.  Spirit Resistance and Armour will significantly mitigate their DPS.  Don't forget to drain their AP with Choking Fury.

Rune Priest Edit

As of patch 1.3.3 with fixed Action Point regeneration, Rune Priests can have significant Action Point issues.  Choking Fury is excellent at shutting down a Rune Priest's healing effectiveness by draining their Action Points.

Archmage Edit

As of patch 1.3.3 with fixed Action Point regeneration, Archmages can have significant Action Point issues.  Choking Fury is excellent at shutting down an Archmage's healing effectiveness by draining their Action Points. 

Bright Wizard Edit


Engineer Edit


Shadow Warrior Edit


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