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Black ark s

A Black Ark with support ships loading supplies.

Black Arks are the mighty floating sea-fortresses of the Dark Elves. Created and maintained by dark sorcery, these vessels act as mobile strongholds when the Dark Elves go to war.

The sheer scale of a Black Ark is hard to conceive. They can vary in size, but generally they resemble fortified towns, bristling with scores of dark menacing towers. A single Black Ark is capable of barracking an entire army of Dark Elf warriors, along with all the auxilliary war machines, mounts, enchanted creatures and slaves that accompany them. The tallest towers act as homes for harpies, manticores and other flying beasts, while below the waterline gigantic sea monsters are harnessed. Black Arks are usually accompanied by a fleet of small, swift ships which prowl the surrounding seas for opportunities to raid for plunder and fresh slaves.

Black Arks in WAREdit

Players will have several chances to visit Black Arks in Warhammer Online: Nemesis - the Ark of House Uthorin, and the Ark of House Arkaneth will all be present in the game. The Fist of Malekith - the Witch King's personal Ark that would've served as the capital city of the Dark Elf army was cut from the game's launch but may be added later on.

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