Bitter Memories II

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Bitter Memories

Tier 1 Order Tome Quest
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Mordrin's Anvil
Start Snorri Oathbrew
End Assistant Librarian Balnir

Quest Chain

Snorri Oathbrew


Bitter Memories II map
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This war is goin' mean more stories than any Dwarf can remember on his own, so keep a record of your travels, {career}. How do you think we Dwarfs recall every greenskin crime or Elven betrayal? Even the sharpest minds need reminding every so often.

The Librarians and their assistants like young Balnir over there will reward you if you gather any tales for him t' put down in the great books. I hear he has plenty o' coin to give out, so give him your grudges, reveal him your oaths, and tell him your stories.

- Snorri Oathbrew

Summary Edit

Speak to Assistant Librarian Balnir to receive a reward for unlocking the Grudges tome entry.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

Me? Oh, I've loads of grudges I've got to settle. I got my first one when I was bouncing on my mum's knee. My baby cousing stole my ale right out o' my wee hands.

- Snorri Oathbrew

On Completion Edit

We Dwarfs have t' remember all that's happened t' us so that we can settle the score. We've lost holds and hordes all through these mountains, and only our books of grudges and ancient tomes know where t' find them all.

If you find yourself full o' new stories then be sure t' seek out me or my brethren. We'll make certain your tales are copied in the great books, and we'll give you something for your trouble as well.

- Assistant Librarian Balnir

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 632

External Links Edit

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