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Bitter Memories

Tier 1 Order Tome Quest
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Mordrin's Anvil
Start Snorri Oathbrew
End Snorri Oathbrew

Quest Chain

Snorri Oathbrew


Bitter Memories I map
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There ain't a people thriving or dying that can keep an oath or harbor a grudge better than the Dwarfs. But a grudge ain't a grudge if it's half remembered. We keep the best histories out o' any race that's ever walked this world t' make sure no slight is forgotten, nor betrayal forgiven.

It's time you beardlings got used to writing a few things down. Those that outlive you are going to need more than ale t' keep them stout and bitter, so we had best give them a few stories as well.

Timli Sorinsson left a book o' his grudges around here on a bench somewhere. Copy a choice passage into your Tome of Knowledge and then show me what you learned.

- Snorri Oathbrew

Summary Edit

Find Timili Sorinsson's book lying on a bench nearby. Read the book to receive a tome entry detailing the contents of one of its passages. Return to Snorri Oathbrew after you are successful.

Objectives Edit

  • "Grudges" Tome Entry Unlocked 0/1

Quest Notes Edit

  • The quest objective, Grudge Book, can be found on a bench near a pillar west of the quest giver, at approximate coordinates 19400, 38700.

In Progress Edit

What do you mean you can't find it? It's but thirty steps away. On the bench, lad!

- Snorri Oathbrew

On Completion Edit

A Dwarf is only a Dwarf when he's got a few grudges t' give his gut a bit o' fire. I know Longbeards that can fight for weeks with nothing more than bitter stories t' fill their bellies!

- Snorri Oathbrew

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 632

External Links Edit

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