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This is a Rewards stub from the Tome of Knowledge. You can help HammerWiki by adding to it.

Bestial Tokens are unlocked from the Tome of Knowledge Bestiary and are used as currency in the capital city library to purchase trophy items. Each trophy costs a single Bestial Token, and there is no relation between the creature you kill for the token to the trophy you purchase.

Bestial Token UnlocksEdit

Creature Tome Unlock Entries Order Zone Destruction Zone
Boar Kill 1,000 Boars N/A
Great Cat Kill 1,000 Great Cats
Hound Kill 1,000 Hounds
Wolf Kill 1,000 Wolves
Giant Spider Kill 1,000 Giant Spiders
Cold One Big Freeze Saphery Saphery
Horror Kill 1,000 Horrors of Tzeentch N/A
Chaos Fury On Wings, But Not Quite Angels Isle of the Dead Isle of the Dead
Gor Kill 1,000 Gors N/A
Gnoblar Kill 1,000 Gnoblars
Savage Orc Scar'd for Life The Badlands The Badlands
Snotling Kill 1,000 Snotlings N/A
Zombie Kill 1,000 Zombies
Gorger Engage the Gorger High Pass High Pass
Chaos Mutant Leader of the Lost Praag Praag
Manticore Don't Look Up Caledor Caledor
Chaos Troll Dispense Justice Avelorn Avelorn
Spite Kill 1,000 Spites N/A
Skeleton Kill 1,000 Skeletons
Liche For the Promise of Power Caledor Caledor
Jesterky 1,000 Kills Lizards for exp. grind. Land of the Dead Land of the Dead
Flesh Hound Hunters of Blood West Praag West Praag

Important Edit

Bestial Token goes to the one who does the Deathblow on Champions/Heroes.

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