Beer Run II

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Beer Run

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Subzone Gran Thewn Watch
Start Orgrin Swifthammer
End Od Hrodgar

Quest Chain

Od Hrodgar

Orgrin Swifthammer

  • Beer Run II


Beer Run II map
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Aye, you can have one of these kegs... if you can carry it past all them Orcs! As for me, I'm stayin' put to make sure those filthy chuffers don't get their mitts on this ale!

- Orgrin Swifthammer

Summary Edit

Take a Keg of Beer to Od Hrodgar at Skalfson's Watch.

Objectives Edit

  • Keg of Beer 0/1

In Progress Edit

Liquid gold, I tell ya, with enough kick t' put a fire in your boots!

- Orgrin Swifthammer

On Completion Edit

Ah, by Valaya's long golden locks, you've brought back a keg of Redhammer's Finest! If those green beasts come round our camp, they'll be in for a proper scuff now! Hah!

You've done right well, an' I won't forget it!

- Od Hrodgar

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1775
  • 10 Silver Coin 53 Copper Coin

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