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Beastman concept

Concept art of a Beastman

Beastmen are savage humanoids, twisted by the taint of Chaos. They stand upright and appear to have the torsoes of men, but have hooves instead of feet and bestial faces which may share features with a range of creatures, but are usually a mixture of human and goat.


There are several types or classes of Beastmen - but they can roughly be divided into Gors and the lesser Beastmen forms. Beastmen are reckless and bloodthirsty fighters, and as such are often found in the retinues of followers of Khorne.

Beastmen hordes are led by the Gors, who are distinguished by having the largest horns. A few beastmen are able to instinctively use the winds of magic; these are the Bray-shamans. Lesser beastmen who are weaker and who have small, stubby horns are known as Ungors.

Throughout the Old World, particularly the northernmost parts where the corrupting e
nergies of Chaos are strongest, human mothers sometimes give birth to babies bearing the signs of Chaos, weird disfigurements that mark them as irredeemably corrupted by Chaos. In some cases the extent of the mutations make the child almost unrecognisable as having been born to human parents. The parents will carry the creature away into the woods, to be abandoned and left to die of exposure. However, these creatures rarely die, for the ears of the Beastmen are always alert to the cries of their own kind. These foundlings, known as Gaves, are raised and then join the ranks of the Beastmen, who consider such a child a gift of the Chaos gods.

Associated creaturesEdit

There are several other less widespread Chaotic creatures found in the Old World which often make common cause with the Beastmen. Minotaurs are fearsome bull-headed monsters driven by bloodlust and inhabiting the deepest and most dangerous parts of the forest. Centigors are wanderers and brigands who roam the northern wastes in small raiding parties, pillaging wagons and undefended settlements. Rarest of all are the almighty Dragon Ogre Shaggoths, kin of the dragon-kind and sustained in immortality by the primal power of lightning. All these creatures, and more besides, are called the Children of Chaos. They are marked with mutation and their evil souls belong indisputably to the Runinous Powers.

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