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Rakarth CA

Concept art of Rakarth.

Beastlord Rakarth is the most accomplished Beastmaster in the whole of Naggaroth. When Rakarth was just a child his father was attampting to break and train the mighty dark steed Bracchus. However, the steed was more than a match for even his father's considerable skills and in a fit of rage the Dark Elf Beastmaster ordered the horse to be slain. Rakarth made a deal with his father to allow him to keep the monstrous beast if he could ride it, and his father duly agreed. Rakarth fixed the horse with his piercing stare, and there was something in the young Dark elf that the beast recognised. Bracchus saw the innate cruelty and bloodlust of Rakarth, and knew that a kindred spirit approached. The steed acquiesced to Rakarth without fight, and he has rode Bracchus until the beast was killed.

Since that time, he has raised a clutch of Black Dragons, and chosen one of them as his own mount, naming the mighty dragon, Bracchus in honour of his dark steed. The Beastlord is a close advisor of the Witch King on matters pertaining to the creatures of the wild and in WAR, he is spearheading the invasion of the Mountains of Caledor in Caledor.

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