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This is a Rewards article from the Tome of Knowledge.

Beastial Tactics are unlocked from the tome of knowledge by completing Bestiary tome unlocks.

Certain unlocks in this category will reward a Beastial Tactic Fragment. When enough of these tactic fragments have been unlocked, a Beastial Tactic will also be unlocked. Once unlocked, the player must travel to the library in their capital city to purchase the tactic. Once purchased, these tactics can be equipped in a Tome Tactic slot.

Beastial TacticsEdit

Tactic Required Fragments Effect
Harrier's Savagery 10 Can approach animals 50% closer before engaging
Harrier's Pelt 20 Can approach animals 50% closer before engaging
Take 5% less damage from animals
Harrier's Kin 30 Can approach animals 50% closer before engaging
Take 5% less damage from animals
Gain 50% more experience from animals

Beastial Tactic Fragment UnlocksEdit

Creature Tome Unlock Entry Name Order Zone Destruction Zone
Basilisk It's in the Bag T4: Black Crag T4: Black Crag
Basilisk Scales of Mourning T4: Black Crag T4: Black Crag
Giant Bat Champion: Things with Wings... T2: Ostland T2: Ostland
Giant Bat In The Dark of Day T4: Black Crag T4: Black Crag
Bear Heading for Profit T4: Praag T4: Praag
Bear Sharpen your Knives T4: Kadrin Valley T4: Kadrin Valley
Boar Avoid a Gory End T2: Barak Varr T1: Mount Bloodhorn
Boar Great Tusk T2: Barak Varr T2: Barak Varr
Great Cat Champion: Silencing Shadows T2: Ellyrion T2: Ellyrion
Great Cat Not So Great Any More T4: Reikland T4: Reikland
Hound Dog Gone Crazy T4: Praag (West) T4: Praag (West)
Hound Picky Eater T4: Praag T4: Praag
Rhinox Kill 1,000 Rhinoxen N/A N/A
Wolf Alpha in Bits T3: High Pass T3: Talabecland
Great Eagle Kill 1,000 Great Eagles N/A N/A
Vulture More Than Just a Foul Feather T3: Talabecland T3: Talabecland
Vulture Mobs: Slop-of-the-day T1: Mount Bloodhorn T1: Mount Bloodhorn
Warhawk Bird Watching...Up Close, in Person T1: The Blighted Isle T2: Shadowlands
Warhawk Well Watched Weaklings T4: Praag T4: Praag
Giant Scorpion Kill Quest: A Pinch to Grow an Inch T1: The Blighted Isle T1: The Blighted Isle
Giant Scorpion Deadly When Dead T2: The Shadowlands T2: The Shadowlands
Giant Spider Kill Quest: Fast Finds T1: Chrace T1: Nordland
Giant Spider Big Identity Crisis T4: Thunder Mountain T4: Thunder Mountain
Cold One Kill 1,000 Cold Ones T3: Saphery T2: Shadowlands
Giant Lizard Poached T2: Barak Varr T2: Barak Varr
Giant Lizard Kill Quest: Hunger Pangs T2: Troll Country T4: Kadrin Valley
Squig Forgotten and Famished T3: Black Fire Pass T3: Black Fire Pass
Squig Kill 10,000 Squigs N/A N/A
Ghoul Foul Amongst the Fowl T3: Badlands T3: Badlands
Ghoul Finger Licking Good T4: Thunder Mountain T4: Thunder Mountain
Chaos Hound Kill 1,000 Chaos Hounds ??? ???

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