Beacon of Hope III

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Beacon of Hope III

Order PvE Quest
Zone Chrace
Start Ulinar Lonetree
End Ulinar Lonetree
Previous Beacon of Hope II


Beacon of Hope III map
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"Still, the hearts of others falter. The tide of evil overcomes them. Darkness and despair are their only companions now that my traitor kin have all but sacked Blackwood Hill. You must find a way to lift their spirits, just as the heroes of old have done in the battles of legend."

"Challenge their strongest, and defeat them in single combat."

- Ulinar Lonetree

Beacon of Hope III is a Tier 1 Order Quest that begins at the Cliffs of Ushuru, in central Chrace.

Particulars Edit

  • Use the Horn of Challenge that Ulinar gave you before the ruined tower inside the garrison. This will lure out the strongest of the enemy. Defeat them one after the other.
  • Return to camp at the Cliffs of Ushuru and report to Ulinar Lonetree when done.

Objectives Edit

In-Progress Text Edit

"We High Elves will faltar without renewed spirit. Find a way to restore it. Instill hope with a show of courage."

- Ulinar Lonetree

Completion Text Edit

"Even now the forces at Blackwood Hill Garrison redouble their efforts, brave {name}. Your show of courage and strength inspires all. It is that of both hero and legend."

"The Dark Elves will rue the day they set foot upon the shores of fair Ulthuan. Take heart, {career}, for we will win the day yet."

- Ulinar Lonetree

Rewards Edit

Career Equipment Edit

Equipment Rewards by Career
Ironbreaker Icon Rune Priest Icon
Engineer Icon Slayer Icon
Bright Wizard Icon Warrior Priest Icon
Witch Hunter Icon Knight of the Blazing Sun Icon
Swordmaster Icon Temp Boots Exemplar Sollerets Archmage Icon
Shadow Warrior Icon White Lion Icon

Quest Progression Edit

External Links Edit

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