Battle at the Mourkain Temple

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Dere's still a good scrap at dat old humie temple. If youse lookin' to 'ave a go at dem stunties, you best get back dere!

- Bloody Sun Warmaster

Our lads think the Mourkain ruins have treasure, that's why they are fighting for control of the big ruin to the south of here. Problem is, the area is overrun with both undead and greenskins! As if that's not bad enough, we have found magical traps all over the bloody place. Sounds like a good fight for you to test your mettle.

- Oathbearer Warbringer

We dare not let those green chuffers or their black-hearted allies get ahold of the magical trinkets inside that temple! The last thing we need is for those blasted creatures to gain a new weapon against us. Go and run those vermin out of the Mourkain Temple!

- Oathbearer Warbringer

Battle at the Mourkain Temple

Tier 2 Destruction and Order RvR Quest
Zone Barak Varr,Marshes of Madness
Start Bloody Sun Warmaster/Oathbearer Warbringer
End Bloody Sun Warmaster/Oathbearer Warbringer


Battle at the Mourkain Temple map
(click to enlarge)


  • Travel to the Mourkain Temple. Complete the Scenario.
  • Return to the quest giver for your reward.

In Progress OrderEdit

Did I not make myself clear, {name}? We need to 'elp out amongst those ruins, an' we need it now!

- Oathbearer Warbringer

In Progress DestructionEdit


Completion Text OrderEdit

Showed the blasted greenskins a thing or two did ye? I knew we could count on you, {name}! Soon now the lads will have the treasure in Oathbearer hands, an' it'll all be thanks to you!

- Oathbearer Warbringer

Completion Text DestructionEdit



  • Return to to the Questgiver to complete quest.


  • first completion: 2820 XP
  • repeated completion: 1645 XP

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