Battle at the Gates of Ekrund

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Battle at the Gates of Ekrund

Tier 1 Destruction RvR Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Start Bloody Sun Warmaster
End Bloody Sun Warmaster


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Oi, you dere! Yeah, I'z pointin' at you. I know youse just one o' da newest scrappers we got, but Skarzag says dat we'z got ta take dose big stunty Gates wot're keepin' a lot o' da Boyz out o' Ekrund.

Youse goin' ta be one o' our scrappers wot 'elps take dose big Gates. 'Cause I said so, dat's why!

Particulars Edit

  • Participate in and complete the gates of Ekrund RvR Scenario. To Que for the Scenario, click on the War Symbol to the left of the mini-map, select Yes when asked to join a Scenario and select whether you would like to join Solo or with a party. Choose the Gates of Ekrund from the available Scenarios, and click ready to join the queue
  • Return to the Bloody Sun Warmaster in Mount Bloodhorn when done.

Requirements Edit

  • The Gates of Ekrund 0/1

Rewards Edit

  • 1544XP
  • 1 Silver 6 Brass Coins

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