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The Phoenix Gate guards the entrance to the inner lands of Ulthuan; soft rolling landscapes where in more peaceful ages the Ellyrion Horselords bred Elven Steeds. Now the plains are filled with signs of war - siege engines and corpses litter the landscape as Order and Destruction forces vie for control of the Phoenix gate and all that lies beyond.

Days of DoomEdit

The Phoenix Gate scenario is open again for characters of all levels! Struggle for control of flags: claim your enemy's flag and deliver it safely to your side, intercept enemy flag bearers and slaughter their comrades in arms. Beat your enemies into submission and claim a 500 point victory at the Phoenix Gate!


  • Participate in the Phoenix Gate scenario 10 times (10)
  • Defeat 200 enemy realm players in the Phoenix Gate scenario (200)
  • Win a Phoenix Gate scenario with 500 points (1)
  • Defeat or help defeat 10 enemy flag runners (10)
  • Complete all Battle at the Gate tasks (4)



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