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The isle of Ulthuan is all too familiar with the bitter tale of brother turning against brother. In places the rage and hatred of family betrayal have seeped into the land, turning the sites of ancient struggles into magical wellsprings of dark power. Now a new battle erupts as Order and Destruction forces vie for control of the Blackcairn Estate.

Battle at the CairnEdit

The Blood of the Black Cairn scenario is open again for characters of all levels! Hold as many objectives as you can while continuing to advance. Charge forth, defeat your enemies and earn a decisive victory at the site of the Blackcairn familys historic shame.


  • Win a Blood of the Black Cairn scenario with 500 points (1)
  • Defeat or help defeat 500 enemy realm players (500)
  • Control all five objectives when the Blood of the Black Cairn scenario ends (1)
  • Complete all Battle at the Cairn tasks (3)


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