Baruun the Seeker

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Baruun the Seeker

Baruun the Seeker

Rank 4 Hero Mob
Type Humanoid
Subtype Human
Species Chaos
Zone Nordland
Subzone The Burning Windmill
Coordinates 18400, 21200

PC Reactions

Order Hostile

Baruun the Seeker is a named Chaos mob that spawns during the final stage of the Public Quest The Burning Windmill, in central Nordland. He serves as the final challenge of the Public Quest, alongside Volkryth Flamecaller.

He is leading a coven of chaos cultist, trying to burn the Nordland food stores, and using some dead empire troops, also trying to summon demons in order to aid the invasion of Norland

Public Quests Edit

Stage 3: Baruun the Seeker - 0/1

External Links Edit

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