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Barrel Tossin'

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Bitterstone Span
Start Berruna Grimstone
End Berruna Grimstone


Barrel Tossin' map
(click to enlarge)

Did you see that greenskin flippin' through the air?! Close to fifty feet off the ground if it were an inch! What a stroke of luck: it turned him inside out in the process!

Old Mordrin wants these greenskins out of his mine so we can get to minin'. Without Bitterstone, there's no Doomstrikers and no chance of taking back our lands. What he didn't say was how many pieces them greenskins needed to be in when we finally pushed them out!

- Berruna Grimstone

Summary Edit

Find a barrel of powder at the edge of the Bitterstone Span bridge. Push the barrel over the edge and watch the sparks fly!

Objectives Edit

  • Barrel Pushed 0/3

In Progress Edit

You gonna knock one of them barrels over the side, or do I get to have all the fun?

- Berruna Grimstone

On Completion Edit

Not too bad. Took a few of 'em, you did.

I tell ya, the smell of fire and brimstone sure gets a girl in the mood ... the mood for more blasting, that is! The ground shaking beneath my feet, while flame and smoke lurch upwards toward the sky! That's what being a Dwarf is all about!

Mordrin can have his Bitterstone, the High King can have his Oathbearers, but give a girl a barrel of powder, a ledge to kick it off, and a bunch of greenskins swarmin' about, and oh, what sweet music she'll make!

- Berruna Grimstone

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 774

External Links Edit

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