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Barin Oathsmiter

Barin Oathsmiter
Rally Master

Rank 18 CHAMPION Rally Master
Realm Order
Species Dwarf
Gender Male
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Reekmarsh Camp
Coordinates 52000, 13900

PC Reactions

Order Friendly

The veins are dry and the kegs are afloat in the marsh. It's time to push on with the caravans. We've done alright here but there ain't a moment to rest if we want to take Eight Peaks back.

- Barin Oathsmiter

Barin Oathsmiter is a Dwarf Engineer that can be found at Reekmarsh Camp, in the Marshes of Madness. Oathsmiter has been successful in obtaining the Oathgold in a portion of the Marshes, and with repairs to the road almost complete his Oathbearers looking forward to leaving the swamps behind him. But recent news has reached the Dwarf warrior's ears, that the greenskins have been claiming the beards of fallen Dwarfs as trophies and stringing them from a tree to the south. This is an insult that must be addressed before any can leave Reekmarsh.

Noteworthy Person Edit

Primary Article: Marshes of Madness/Noteworthy Persons

Barin Oathsmiter is one of nine Noteworthy Persons that can be found by Order players in the Marshes of Madness.

Rally Master Edit

Primary Article: Dwarf WAR Story/Chapter 8

Barin Oathsmiter acts as the Rally Master for chapter 8 of the Dwarf storyline, A Bridge Too Far.

Quests Edit

The dead are walking and the greenskins are churning. Get to clearing 'em both out so we can make good with our spoils of this spoiled land and get out of here.

- Barin Oathsmiter

Starts Quests Edit

Ends Quests Edit

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